Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Latest

Just wanted to give you something new to read. I was online trying to figure out if I needed to do anything special before attempting to dehydrate potatoes. (Evidently, blanch them and then soak them in lemon water.)

Working on a food storage project that included drying all my canned corn. House smells like sugary cornbread now!

Ordered some fall/winter seeds at half off... 14 packets for $14! Heirloom seeds that I can save (need to start learning how!)

My lemon cucumbers are producing madly (by my standards, at least)! And I have one tiny green tomato. I am not a farming failure. I am NOT a farming failure! I have learned a lot in this first season under my belt- even if I've only grown leaves until now. *Sigh* Although some cucumbers, one honkin' big zucchini, and a tomato isn't very impressive, it's all I've gotten so far.

I've been keeping my eggshells in a bucket on the counter. When they're dry, I grind them up in the food processor till they are pretty small and then put them out for the chickens. Did a big batch... one day I'll get an egg. Any day now. It has to happen, right? I'm just impatient.

I picked up a 25# bag of oatmeal- then when I bought 2 frozen pizzas for the same price, I was reminded how easy it is to think "I can't afford to set aside food" when really it's a matter of what you value. Keep preppin- now is better than later!

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Chief Instructor said...

I just got back from a buddy's garden. His potatoes and tomatoes are going nuts. He'll be harvesting his spuds over the next couple of weeks. His tomatoes are huge, but still green.

He has totally struck out with his squash. A couple of crooknecks and a couple of zucchini are about it. Melons and beans are pretty sad as well.

It looks like his onions will be pretty decent sized, and he did OK with his spinach.

Hit and miss, I guess!

mama4x said...

I just wish God would put little stickers on the failed plants so I would know what happened! Soil? Too much sun? Critter? Argh!

Survival Chic said...

Just found your blog... nice job... I live on a homestead and have been into becoming self sufficient for years... I like your goals.. keep it up!