Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fear: are you Ready?!

Imagine for a minute that your electricity got turned off. Whatever the reason for it, just imagine for a moment.

Many of us could go without the fridge- what's in there, mayo? Some bacon? We could eat that in a day. The freezer is another matter, some people have serious stockpiles in their freezers. What about the computer? Yeah, that would really bite us. Then of course, our cell phones would eventually need charging. And then when night fell, there'd be no lights and no DVD player.

These are all examples of what would happen in your own home. What if you couldn't afford to drive to work, and neither could your daycare provider? What if the nurses and doctors couldn't? What if the producers of amoxicillan couldn't either, and the truckers couldn't afford to deliver?

All of this comes to mind when I read the National Inflation Association's latest article, here. "Decoupling" I assume, means that the direction of the DOW and the price of gold decouples. Gold rises and the DOW falls. For us that means hyperinflation.

So, what do you wish you had gotten done? I just got on this prepper cruise in February and man, I wish I knew about it sooner. My list of to-do's is toooo long still.

From the comments of a blog post: "Invest in precious metals: gold, silver, and jacketed lead."

What's left on my list of to-do's if today was it:

  1. Wonderwash
  2. clothes wringer
  3. more clothespins
  4. Solar AC/DC Powerpack
  5. my Amazon book wishlist
  6. gamma seals, 2-4
  7. Bread Pans
  8. dehydrated cheese, dehydrated butter
  9. big rain barrels
  10. doubles of all my seeds
  11. Canning Kit
  12. fruit and tomato strainer
  13. medical supplies
  14. shotgun, ammo

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1 comment:

Chief Instructor said...

Tip: Dehydrated cheese - yes. Dehydrated butter - no.

Awful stuff! I could not find a single way to use it where it tasted good. By itself, mixed into other foods, sprinkled over other stuff.

Nothing. Horrible, nasty stuff!