Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Big Picture

The Big Picture. What does that mean? It means step back! Take a look! Stop, think, reassess.

The first few months after I learned about prepping, I read doomsday blogs addictively and mentally panicked. Then I started to make concrete steps. Then I put aside some staples. Then I stopped to reassess and that's when I made my first "Big Picture" sketch. In my prepper notebook I drew a grid of boxes that represented goals.

For instance, a stack of four squares represented the four 24-packs of bottled water that I wanted to set aside. As I purchased them, I would shade in one of the boxes. Same with other supplies- 24-packs of TP, 25# bags of staples, etc.

I also drew stacks of boxes for things like completed BOBs, 55-gallon drums of water... anything that would fall under the major catagories of the prepper mindset:
  1. AIR
  2. WATER
  3. FOOD
  5. FUEL
  7. LIGHT
So step back and take a look at the big picture of your preps. Any holes that need filling?

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