Friday, July 2, 2010


I read an excellent PDF about AQUAPONICS. Raising veggies and getting fish to boot! I was a little intimidated by the detailed instructions but it's definitely something my husband could handle. Looks awesome!

Little better than a plan that not only lets you become more self-sustaining, but one that does so on more than one level. If you think the care of chickens or goats is too much to handle, but want to get some sustainable protein sources for your family, fish in your aquaponics setup could solve the problem!

Don't forget to print out informative PDFs and not just bookmark them. Sometimes having a paper copy can be invaluable!

Here is a somewhat tedious video that is well worth the time. At first I was wondering why she cut off the IBC so low, then it all becomes clear.

There's a lot of great articles here at Farming Salt and Light that you will find informative on how to calmly and thoughtfully prepare for tomorrow- whatever it's like!

Check out this last website for lots more manuals and great info on fish and other aquaponic info.

We're so pleased you are reading Farming Salt and Light! Choose how you live!

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suek said...

If you're interested in hydroponics, you might check for supplies. They too will send you out more catalogs than you could possibly need, but lots of stuff to consider - stuff you probably didn't know existed! Very interesting...!!