Saturday, June 26, 2010

When to Pay

Oooh! What a mix-up jumble of thoughts...

My seven year old has a pair of pocket knives and a multi-tool. Whenever he uses them, he asks permission and sits near us so we can monitor his safety habits. One of the penknives was lost. Well, guess who found it? My 2 year old just cut himself on his brother's "lost" knife. It's not deep at all- don't worry. I got to use my first aid glue/liquid bandage. I better add some M & M's in my 1st aid kit- as a distraction tool!

One thing MD Creekmore over at Survivalist Blog is always pushing- own your land. Own your home. And "own" doesn't mean "Have a mortgage on." As long as you keep up on the taxes after that, you are as free as you can be. What's the use of building the best self-sufficient homestead you can, if it can be taken away after a bout of unemployment?
Another thing- about trying to grow things like wheat/beans etc. From what I understand, beans only keep a few years before turning to rocks, but you can pressure cook them. Rice doesn't grow here. The land space required to grow wheat is huge- yielding 20-50 pounds at the end of the season. You can buy 50# for $13 here. My vote is to buy these staples and grow your own vegetables. Dried veggies are great for soups and stews, but not side-dish eating.

Our own plan is to learn all the alternative methods of fresh food storage. Canning, drying and pickling are our first lessons. A 55-gallon drum buried in the backyard, with some precautions, mimics very well a root cellar (if you can't make one of those). Hanging some veggies upside down with all their roots and leaves can stall ripening and rotting. And of course, there are DC, solar-powered deep freezers, canning, and pickling. I plan to institute a "keeping room" of old. What we call a pantry, where the average household has some pasta and cereal, is the great grand-child of a keeping room, an entire room where the food to sustain the family through the winter was stored.

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