Monday, June 21, 2010

New Forays

Last week in the prepping:

Got started on maintaining my kefir grains. Got a batch from a friend and I'm learning all about it. She says that we can improve the quality of our foods by putting the kefir in oats the night before we make oatmeal, or mixing it with flour the night before making pancakes or bread. Of course, drinking it is the best- sweetened, or mixed into a smoothie. Some people eat the grains themselves, but it sounds like they do that after drinking the liquid for a while. Here's a prepper post about Lacto-Fermentation.

Also, my husband went out to the shed at about 11 p.m. and shot quite a few wasp nests with wasp spray. If you read here regularly you might remember that I'm allergic, so one way to keep me safe is to ensure our yard isn't a pleasant place for wasps to live. At night, they are "home" in the nest, so you kill more. I usually spray nests as soon as I notice them, when I guess I should be doing it at night. Shooting them in the day time, when they are all out and about, increases the liklihood that they will try to return to the nest and find it sprayed, and then fly around, irritable. Not what I want in my yard!

We had a quick rainstorm and filled a 55 gallon trash can with rainwater to water the veggies. Lots of big leaves, lots of flowers, no veggies yet. It's my first year, so I'm trying to be patient. On the same note, I keep feeding the chickens and watering them, and waiting eagerly for our first egg this month. Any day!!

I made a "Big Vision" sketch for our preps. It's important to have a plan, even better to have a written plan. Writing it down makes it more real, and encourages you to follow through. You can always edit a plan! I actually drew a sketch, instead of a list. Then, I used a highliter to color the parts of the plan that I have accomplished. It's a great tool for seeing the "big picture." It's encouraging to have a map of how far I've come!

In addition, today I am soaking a pound of wheat berries so I can plant a flat for wheat grass. It's really good for you and so cheap to do yourself! You can trim it a few times before you have to replant. Add it to salads or smoothies, or drink it alone.

We're trying to become more physically healthy so that we can be more equipped. It's easy to buy some food or other preps but the daily task of exercising and eating well is more arduous. My husband wants to lose some weight and I want to build some muscle.

Last of all, I made coffee in the french press twice. Pour boiling water over the grounds, wait. Nothing to it. The first time I did it, I used the store brand medium roast coffee. Blech- it was heinous. Today I used Starbucks beans. Aaaa- delicious. I was amazed at the change in quality when I used better beans. When I store coffee, it's the whole bean, in a Mylar bag with an O2 absorber.

We're so pleased you are reading Farming Salt & Light! Choose how you live!


suek said...

Are you familiar with "Square Foot Gardening"?

There's a website and a yahoo list. Neither are terrific, but if you can find the book - even borrow it from the library - it's worth looking at. I thought I had a link to the site, but apparently I didn't bookmark it. I'm on the yahoo list, and get a daily email with the posts for that day. It seems that people may - or may not - know a lot about gardening, but they don't know how to reply without quoting the entire list of posts! drives me nuts!

mama4x said...

I know what you mean about yahoo group subscribers not cleaning up the responses... drives me nuts also! Especially for long posts. That book is in my cart for my next Amazon checkout, unless I find it locally for a good price. I'm a book addict and I like to own instead of borrow. Although with my late fees, I feel like I should own a few that I don't!

suek said...

We have a local group called "Friends of the Library" that takes book donations and then sells them, with proceeds going to the Library. Love the place! I picked my copy up there - no shipping!

I _hate_ shipping! Pretty hard to get it from here to there without it, though.

You don't have any used book stores near you?

I don't know what Amazon's price is, but here's another possibility:

Also there's an "Abe's" bookstore that has good prices.

I usually put in "item name Cheap" and get interesting options. One always shows up that want's my email address before it will show me anything. Hah. Like I'm going to play _that_ game!