Friday, June 25, 2010

Alternates to Antibiotics: Colloidal SIlver and Oil of Oregano

I was plotting and planning my medical preps last week... I included my very first suture kit, temporary dental fillings, N95 masks, iodine pills, and ointment and dressings for burns. Then I was reading about a few easy products that can help kill viruses and relieve all sorts of suffering- looking forward to a few earaches or an extended bout of conjuctivitis after the fit hits the shan? Me neither.

One is colloidal silver, and the other is oil of oregano. You should go learn more about them.

The consensus I reached about colloidal silver was this: all the instances of people developing argyria, the major/only side effect of using it (skin turning ashy or blue- permanently!) were people who took it daily or habitually. Not topically for infections or earaches, etc. My conclusion was this: seems safe on a case by case basis, when ill or injured, but NOT as a daily/ monthly preventive measure. To quote wikipedia: "only chronic ingestion or inhalation of silver preparations leads to an accumulation of silver in the human body that can cause argyria."

What was interesting was this: after the medical experts denounced colloidal silver use, they recounted its long history of success before the use of antibiotics. Then, they sum up with multiple uses for silver: burn dressings (I already looked- super $$), water purification (Berkey incl!), and many more.

HERE is a good site with information about oil of oregano. Reading the label properly and buying from a quality producer are key. It relieves itching, skin infections, sinus infections/congestion and many others.

I'm always thinking about how to get my hands on things. For instance, when I was looking at the suture kits and supplies, I realized an important part of stitching shut a wound is cleaning it beforehand. Now, in my first aid kit I have a sample-sized bottle of contact solution so I can irrigate a cut or wound. However, plain old clean water or soapy water is just as effective and more readily available, but has to be under pressure to flush the wound. Of course, these medical supplies are available to doctors and nurses... laymen can buy them online. And then pay shipping. BUT, evidently, farm supply stores have medical supplies for livestock owners to use for their animals. My father has horses and he has syringes of medicine in his fridge so that when it is time for them to get immunized, or whatever, he can do it himself and save the vet bill. His vet would come out and do it and charge my dad for the house call. But after a quick lesson, my dad does it now and the vet sells him the meds.

Anyway, what I'm saying is, you can get large irrigation syringes (no needle) and small syringes (like a diabetic uses) at farm supply stores. And from what I hear, they're CHEAP. Now if I just knew if all this lidocaine they sell for depilatory purposes can be used on wounds!

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Patricia said...

To really understand the power of Oil of Oregano, I strongly suggest that you also check out Ben Greenfield's article at Goodluck!

suek said...

I'm not big on natural remedies...I sure hope we don't end up needing them!

However...also suggest you use as a source some of the vet supply houses online. If you order just one or two things, you'll get on their mailing list, and there's lots of good info there. When Omaha Vaccine was a large animal vet supply source(they've converted to mostly small animals these days), for example, their remedies for scours for young pigs ran 2-3 full pages. I deduced (clever me!) that scours (diarrhea) in pigs is a major common problem.

Here's one:

I know there are others out there...some are species specific.

mama4x said...

That's a great idea... I hate inadvertantly getting on a mailing list, but when it's something I'm interested in, it's like a surprise in the mail.