Monday, May 3, 2010

Seeds, take two

Well, I planted my heirloom seeds last month when it began to get warm here in Texas. They all popped up little seedlings and some took off, and some just sat. All my onions and tomatoes stopped growing at about 2 inches tall. My daughter blasted three rows of thriving salad greens out of their dirt on the hose's high power setting. But my limas, lemon cucumbers, zucchini, and contender beans are looking great, getting taller. My basil seems to be growing, slowly, along with the lentils.

I finally gave up on my pathetic onions and tomatoes, and the cayenne pepper, and started again. I also planted 3 new rows of salad greens. I think my fig tree cuttings have survived thus far, and seem to be less at risk. We started using fish tank water stabilizer (drops that counteract the chlorine in the water, so the fish aren't killed from it) in our watering can. I also have been making some kelp meal "tea" in the watering can also. My husband pulled out a can of SUPERTHRIVE! plant vitamins that we could add too.

I am letting the half failure of my venture wash off my back. This is my first time growing anything (my husband is a landscaper and has serious plant skills- in anything inedible) and of course we all harbor delusions that we will scatter seed in the general direction of dirt and up will pop food for the taking. Oh well. Let's be realistic! At least I'm practicing now and not later when I might really need it.

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