Saturday, May 22, 2010

Personalized Preps

I guess some people who learn about prepping and begin to make their own preps just go out shopping one day? I don't have resources like that, so any purchases I make are heavily weighed and thought over. But I guess there are some who print out a list and go buy it. Be cautious to personalize any purchases to the needs of your family and situation. Don't fall prey to those who sell by enciting fear. The example I frequently read is those who buy the recommended amount of wheat, when they are allergic to it!

One thing I'd like to get more of in my non-food pantry is more wasp spray. Last year I was stung by a wasp and had a really bad reaction- huge swelling at the sting site, full-body hives, tight feeling in the throat. They didn't even take my name at the ER, just whisked me to a room and shot me full of epinephrine.

So, having to carry an Epi-Pen with me everywhere was what led directly to me to creating my own mom-EDC. I also figure that getting rid of any nests here around the house and yard will help me stay safe. Thus the extra wasp spray for my household.

If you couldn't run out to the store and pick up something you really needed, would it cause a sense of unease or even panic to well up in your chest? What would it be? Is your son prone to ear infections, and the idea of running out of Motrin awful? Does your husband get poor sleep when he doesn't have a Breathe-Right strip? Does the idea of summer approaching and no sunscreen cause you to stay inside? Whatever those items are, that's what you need in your non-food pantry. Stock up.

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