Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Solar Chargers

I was imagining how hard it would be to replicate everything in a self-reliant lifestyle. Buying a ton of razor blade replacements isn't self-sustaining; sooner or later they are used up. Short of returning to the straight razor, what to do? My husband uses an electric trimmer to shave his head and trim up his facial hair. If you already have a nice-quality one that isn't destined for an early grave in the landfill, what about this solution?

Imagine using the sun to power your electric shaver. Even if you can't get solar panels to power your entire home, you can probably get a few items to power or charge a lot of your appliances, like a drill, razor, saw, laptop, stand mixer, cell phone, or whatever.

There are all different kinds:

-folding for out and about
-flat panel plus inverter

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