Monday, March 22, 2010

Pandemic Preparedness

Swine Flu..

Avian Flu..

Stomach bug... With these two tools you can do alot to contain it. There are plenty of articles by excellent preppers about containing the flu or other contagious viruses in your home in a survival situation. But even if you never need these for anything other than non-emergency use keeping the germs at bay with multiple small children, they can really cut it.

Plugging the little fan into kill germs in the bedroom of your sick child. Plugging another in your room to prevent you from getting sick and missing work. Running the light over the hands and face of family. Or, using it for its advertised use, such as sanitizing a rental car or hotel room.

What about scanning a wound and killing as many germs as possible? What about slowing pouring water in front of the UV light to purify it one more time?

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