Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Americauna chicks

$50 for:

10 chicks, 2 bags of feed, bale of big-flake sawdust, a waterer and a feeder.

$25 for

chicken's healthy diet seed package, so that next season we can be self-sufficient.

soon-to-be free eggs, about 8 a day: PRICELESS!

Our family eats a lot of eggs. When I make the kids scrambled eggs or egg sandwiches, I use about 6 eggs. My husband and I eat 3-4 for the two of us. We could boil a dozen and make egg salad and have it gone over lunch. Our dogs (3 of them) eat at least 4 a day. I pay between $2.49 and $2.79 a dozen where we live, but I do buy the vegetarian fed, room to walk eggs. So we can use up some eggs!

I am really looking forward to raising these chicks and getting eggs. However, to be self-reliant, I decided to buy this seed package so that we won't have to be dependent on the trucks delivering the chicken feed (what are these cracked pellets made from, anyway?) to the local feed store. After our first "chicken crop" gets harvested, we'll be set for their feed. Of course, we'll plant a second harvest to keep our independence going!

The chicken's crop will include:
  1. dent corn
  2. chard
  3. pumpkin
  4. millet
  5. peas
  6. oats
  7. flax
  8. sorghum
  9. tobacco (for killing mites and fleas)
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