Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pantry Builders

I was doing my normal shopping. In my grocery store there are a lot of store coupons. They frequently have $1 off or buy____ get some other item for free.

Today I bought macaroni and cheese on sale and got a can of albacore tuna for free. I also bought 2 pounds of rice and got soy sauce for free. And last I got a free bag of onions when I bought a package of sliced mushrooms.

Spent: $6.47
Free: $4.03

While I was there I threw a few barter items in the cart:

0.99- 6oz pkg ground coffee
2.00- 4 dark chocolate bars

I decided that when I run out of shampoo or toilet paper or household items I'm going to buy two instead of just replacing what I need.

I used to only buy things when I was about to run out. Before I became an active prepper, I thought that buying new shampoo before I reached for the bottle and found it empty was pretty good. Now, I figure that if something is on sale, I should grab a couple, especially if it is
  • bleach
  • soap
  • coffee
  • band-aids
  • tylenol, etc
  • pasta
  • rice
If it's not one thing, it's another, and pretty soon you are creating a pantry! You'll find yourself watching the news, an incoming weather system, and you don't have to run out to get a few things!

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