Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Microwave?!

Well, for some crazy reason our daughter put a metal pot in the microwave. We didn't notice it until smoke and a deadly smell came out into the kitchen.

Long story short, we have entered the tens of people in our fair land who don't use a microwave.

Our microwave was lame anyway, it didn't make popcorn...

I'm sure it was an energy-sucker. My organic friend told me how bad it was for us... you know, the invisible waves, the plastic molecules entering the food...

But man, it would warm up my coffee and tea eight times a day! It really hit me the first time I went to warm up my cold coffee. (I actually pretended to crumple in tears on the counter. Don't worry the kids are used to my antics.)

When I recovered, I decided to warm up my coffee in a small saute pan on the stove. I chose a saute pan instead of a saucepan because of the idea that shallow liquids warm up faster than deep liquids. The whole point of the microwave is speed and convenience, right?!

Anyway it only took about a minute for the coffee to heat right up to the scalding temperature, just like I like it. So maybe actually living the sustainable lifestyle won't kill us, we just have to adjust our methods of doing things.

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