Thursday, February 25, 2010

Assembling BOBs

We have six people in our family; me and James, our oldest two kids (8 & 6) and two smaller kids (4 & 2). The only thing I have to say is that I'm glad our baby is on the cusp of potty-training.

I made BOBs for the adults and the two oldest kids. The kids' bags don't have weapons or tools really. They do have a Wetfire tinder and a lighter. I also made a very abridged, lightweight "bob" for my four-year-old. It's a Camelbak bladder backpack with just a few things in it. No use in packing her up like the rest of us only to discard it or lug it myself!

Each of the kid's bags carries things for the younger two kids. My husband and I both carry things for all of us. Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy. Double up so if one or more bags are discarded or lost you still have what you need.

Each bag is made of five parts:
  1. food
  2. water
  3. first aid
  4. tools/supplies
  5. warmth/comfort
So, what we compiled so far is:

Section 1: Food

The kid's bags have 2 MREs each, the adult bags have 4 each. A fork and spoon and enamel mug. Each bag, including the four-year-olds, has a ziplock bag full of Ramen seasoning packets, Propel drink mix, Emergen-C drink packets, beef jerky, cystalized lime packets.... will be added to.

Section 2: Water

Each bag has a camelbak bladder, a water bottle, and at least 3 1-L water purifier tablets. The four-year old has a camelbak bladder, a water bottle, and a water filter straw.

Section 3: First Aid

Band-Aids with ointment incorporated, saline for cleansing, glucose tablets for raising blood sugar, kids Tylenol, butterfly band aid sutures, bag of cotton balls, tube vaseline, single-serve eye drops... to be added to. James was an EMT for a while and his kit is much bigger and in-depth.

Section 4: Tools/ Supplies

This section is lacking. I have 50 feet paracord each (James more), a small sewing kit, an LED flashlight, and some heavy-duty rubber bands so far. I have fish hooks but no line, bobbers, or sinkers yet.

Section 5: Warmth/ Comfort

I wanted to get each of us a cold-temp sleeping bag in a banded stuff sack, but that would've been $480. So instead I got each of us a 100% wool blanket. In addition, adult bags have a Blast Match Fire Starter, matches, lighter, and WetFire Tinder. I got a washcloth, earplugs, a package of baby wipes, a poncho and a toothbrush (each) too.

What I def. need to get:
  1. more serious first aid supplies
  2. solar chargers
  3. good socks
  4. flu masks (N95 by 3M)
  5. soap/ toothbrush
  6. gloves- latex and warm
  7. thermal underwear
  8. some cash
  9. nuwick cooking candles
  10. cards, books, paper, pencil
  11. ramen, oatmeal pkts
  12. duct tape
  13. knives
  14. fishing supplies- tiny kit
When I can I want to get
  1. sleeping bags
  2. walkie-talkies
  3. shammie towels
  4. more water filter straws
  5. silver coins

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